Saturday, October 6, 2007

Kelp necklace progress

I finished all the danglies today. I have to wait to go to the bead store to get some silver jump rings tho. I hope to get the final wire wrapped necklace posted in the next few days. I'm pretty excited since this is my third attempt at wire wrapping, and it turned out pretty well.

I also decided to do the woven necklace also. I like the idea of the kelp being more "sway-y" with thread. I'm doing the base necklace is shades of turqouise blue, from light at the back of the neck, to dark in the front. I'll then add some silver sea life charms, and the kelp after the base is done. I'm sure this one will take a bit longer since there is a fair amount of stitching to be done.


DCY said...

I'm glad you use the word "danglies!" I use the word a lot describing my earrings.

I visited your blog page after you linked it on the Facebook group "Making Bead Jewelry."

I also have a blog on blogspot, but it is an eclectic blog, mostly a collection of random thoughts.

Joann said...

Thanks for visiting! Danglies seems to be the right description for these sorts of hanging pieces.