Thursday, October 4, 2007

Hmmm, I'm rethinking that design

After seeing how the kelp leaves hung on the chain, I'm not so sure that is the effect I want. However I really like the way the green beads and silver chain work together.....

I'm thinking of doing something I've never done before. Up until now, I've always worked in small necklaces using stitches like double spiral chain and right angle weave. Very contained pieces. But this idea doesn't like to be contained. It wants to wave around all over the place.

So my current plan is to do a base necklace of freeform brick stitch in ocean blues. To mimic the waves that are near the kelp beds. Then string the kelp leaves randomly off this base. And add some more Hill Tribe silver and maybe some pearls.

Maybe I'll have to do the necklace two ways?

For me, designs are sort of fluid. They can change radically as I'm working on them and see how the various parts are going together, or not LOL.

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