Sunday, January 27, 2008

I Finished the Kelp Necklace!!!

I finally put together the wire wrapped kelp necklace. Here're the pics!

First the full view

And now the close up

Overall, I like this necklace. However there are a few things I'd do differently.

1) I'd stagger the kelp leaves up their chains
2) I'd put one starfish and one sea horse on each side
3) I'd drop the sea horse a little lower so it could be seen thru the kelp.

Other than that, not too bad for a first wire wrap necklace!

I'm now working on kelp necklace #2, which is done in off loom weaving. As my challenge for this next one, I'm working in free form brick stitch. It's interesting, because I'm such a fiend for regular structures like crystal lattice. I'm having to loosen up my style a lot. On the good side, I'm working with a color scheme I love (blues) so I only have one lesson to learn.



JustaGirl said...

I really like it! And yes, I agree with all your "what I'd do differently" comments :)

But I do like it as it! The color and theme are very smart!

Joann said...

Justagirl, thanks for you comment! I'm trying to grow as a designer, which means I need to look critically at my work.

I checked out your etsy store
I like the pink pony, and love the idea of swarovski chocolates!

The Lone Beader said...

Love the sea theme!!
And, yes, there is always something we learn from each piece.

Also, thanks for being a fan of my beadwork:)

JustaGirl said...

I know... I was thinking I needed to take an actual chocolate box, eat all the original chocolates (hehe) and replace them with Swarovski replicas... wouldn't that be the best gift for a chocolate lover who's on a diet??? LOL
I just need to start MAKING these chocolates! I know it will be the cutest thing ever!

Smadar's Treasure said...

I like it as it is and I love the colors :)