Sunday, September 16, 2007

Play with your beads!

The easiest way to get more creative with your beading is to play with your beads. Get them out, touch them, string them, weave them. The really nice thing about beads is they are reusable. Hate what you've come up with? All you've wasted is some thread. You haven't even wasted your time, since you've learned something. Even if what you've learned is what not to do, it is still valuable.

For some reason, I feel like I can play with my beads, but I can't play with my embroidery. I shudder at the thought of changing a stitch, a color, of making a MISTAKE!!! I get paralyzed when I try to think how to change an embroidery pattern. Does this sound familiar? And this is true even after I've become playful with beads. It just doesn't transfer over. So I'll make you a deal.
You agree to play with your beads, and I'll agree to play with my embroidery?

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